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The Unauthorized OC Musical premiered on August 30th, 2015 at The Montalban theater in Hollywood as the inaugural performance of The Syndication Playlist in front of a record-breaking sold out crowd that included Josh Schwartz, Stephanie Savage, Rachel Bilson, Melinda Clarke, Kelly Rowan as well as many other members of The OC family - and hundreds of OC super fans. Based on the Josh Schwartz’s pop culture phenomenon that ran on FOX from 2003-2007, The Unauthorized O.C. Musical tells the story of Ryan Atwood (Nashville’s Tilky Jones), a troubled kid with no one and nowhere to go, who becomes tangled in the lives of the wealthy and glamorous citizens of Newport Beach, California, after being taken in by The Cohen Family (Pretty Little Liars’ Brendan Robinson, LOST’s Neil Hopkins, and Veronica Mars’ Christine Lakin). Also starring, The O.C.’s Autumn Reeser, Awkward’s Greer Grammer, Cruel Intentions Musical's’ Molly McCook, Jersey Boys’ Drew Seeley, and singer/songwriter, Betty Who.

The Syndication Playlist

The Syndication Playlist celebrates the music, characters, and storytelling that made your favorite TV shows pop culture phenomenons. Performed onstage in front of a live audience for one-night-only!

Production Team

Produced by Jordan Ross and Lindsey Rosin, underneath their banner, Sucker Love Productions. - Written by: Jordan Ross - Directed by: Lindsey Rosin


Ryan Atwood: Tilky Jones - Sandy Cohen: Neil Hopkins - Kirsten Cohen: Christine Lakin - Seth Cohen: Brendan Robinson - Marisa Cooper: Molly McCook - Julie Cooper: Autumn Reeser - Summer Roberts: Greer Grammer - Luke Ward: Drew Seeley - Holly Fischer: Betty Who - John Schwartz: Jarett Wieselman


Musical Direction/Bass: Elmo Zapp - Guitar: Alex Seller - Drums: Austin Farmer - Keyboard: Andrew Orbison

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